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The discography is taking a while to put together, and is being pieced together from my own collection,  nights hunched over Google, and even trips to the library!

If you have any corrections or additions, please leave a comment at the foot of page, or contact me, as any assistance with this mammoth task is much appreciated!

Band of Light


Band of Light - Total UnionTotal Union (1973)

Track Listing:

  1. My First Home
  2. Free Them from Hunger
  3. Spaces of Time
  4. If
  5. Earthbound Blues
  6. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
    Remastered CD Version, 2006, Aztec Music with additional tracks:
  7. The Destiny Song
  8. Over “B”
  9. Moonstruck
  10. Messin’ with the Kid (live)
  11. The Cat


Band of Light (1974)
  1. The Destiny Song
  2. If
  3. Moonstruck
  4. Free Them from Hunger


  • The Destiny Song / Over “B” (April, 1973)
  • Free Them from Hunger / The Cat (July, 1973)
  • Moonstruck / If  (August, 1973)

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Rose Tattoo


Rose Tattoo (1978)

Track Listing:

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw
  2. Nice Boys
  3. Butcher and Fast Eddy
  4. One of the Boys
  5. Remedy
  6. Bad Boy for Love*
  7. Television
  8. Stuck on You
  9. Tramp
  10. Astra Wally*
    1990 Repertoire Records re-release bonus tracks
  11. Never too Loud
  12. I Had You First
  13. Fightin’ Sons
  14. Snow Queen*
  15. Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw (live)
  16. Bad Boy for Love (live)*
  17. Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King (live)
  18. Suicide City (live)

Ian wrote and played on tracks marked *


  • Bad Boy for Love / Snow Queen (October, 1977)

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X-Aspirations (1979)
  • Ian Rilen – Bass & Vocals
  • Steve Lucas – Lead Vocals & Guitar
  • Steve Cafiero – Drums

Track Listing:

  1. Suck Suck
  2. Present
  3. Simulated Lovers
  4. Police
  5. Revolution
  6. Turn My Head
  7. Delinquent Cars
  8. I Don’t Wanna Go Out
  9. Dipstick
  10. It Must Be Me
  11. Coat of Green
  12. Waiting
  13. Batman
At Home with You (1985)
  • Ian Rilen
  • Steve Lucas
  • Cathy Green

Track Listing:

  1. The Feel
  2. T.V. Glue
  3. Movin’ On
  4. Half Way Round the World
  5. You Say That You Love Me
  6. Degenerate Boy
  7. All Over Now
  8. At Home With You
  9. Goin’ Crazy
  10. Oxford Street Nick
  11. Don’t Cry No Tears
  12. She’s Gone

Reissued 2007 on CD with bonus track “El Salvador” (recorded live at the Prince of Wales) and bonus disc:

Disc Two – Live at the Prince of Wales, 1985
  1. The Feel
  2. Degenerate Boy
  3. Simulated Lovers
  4. Delinquent Cars
  5. Good On Ya Baby
  6. Goin’ Crazy
  7. Oxford Street Nick
  8. She’s Gone
  9. Waiting
  10. Dipstick
  11. Suck Suck
  12. Half Way Round the World
  13. All Over Now
  14. T.V.Glue
  15. I Don’t Wanna Go Out
And More (1989)

Track Listing:

  1. Home Is Where the Floor Is (re-recording)
  2. I Don’t Wanna Go Out (re-recording)
  3. Dream Baby
  4. And More
  5. Getting Wet
  6. Criticize
  7. Sad Days Girl
  8. El Salvador
  9. You Say You Love Me
  10. Here’s Looking at You
X-Spurts - The 1977 Recordings
X-Spurts – The 1977 Recordings (released 2011)

Previously unreleased recordings with original lineup:

  • Ian Rilen – Bass, Vocals
  • Steve Lucas – Vocals
  • Ian Krahe – Guitar
  • Steve Cafiero – Drums
Track Listing:
  1. You Don’t Like Me
  2. Infamy
  3. Slash Your Wrists
  4. Runaway
  5. Losing
  6. TV Cabaret Roll
  7. Hey You
  8. Revolution
  9. Degenerate Boy
  10. One More Chance


Home Is…The Floor (March, 2001)


  • I Don’t Wanna Go Out / Waiting (November, 1979)
  • Mother / Half Way Round the World (November, 1984)
  • El Salvador (1986?)
  • Dream Baby / I Don’t Wanna Go Out (August, 1987)
  • Dream Baby / I Don’t Wanna Go Out / And More (12″ single)
  • And More / Getting Wet (July,1989)
  • Degenerate Boy (May, 1993)
I Love Rock n Roll (Laughing Outlaw Records, 2003)

Track Listing:

  1. Ooh Baby
  2. Where Did I Go Wrong?
  3. I Love Rock n Roll
  4. Hey You
  5. One More Chance


Why March When You Can Riot?

(Aberrant Records, 1985)

Three demo tracks recorded by the original lineup of Ian Rilen, Steve Lucas, Ian Krahe & Steve Cafiero

  • Home Is Where the Floor Is
  • Hate City
  • TV Cabaret Roll
Inner City Sound

(Laughing Outlaw Records, 2005)

  • TV Glue

Live Recordings

X Live 8 July 1978 (Spiral Scratch, 1997) Lucas/Rilen/Cafiero/Holmes

Live at the Civic 1979 (Dropkick, 2001) Lucas/Rilen/Cafiero/Coutanche.

Evil Rumours (Laughing Outlaw, 2003) Lucas/Rilen/Holmes/Synnerdahl

At the Stagedoor Tavern (1997)

Live at the Civic ’79 (May, 2001)

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Sardine V


Sardine V - I Hate You

I Hate You EP (1982?)
  • Ian Rilen – Guitar & Vocals
  • Stephanie Rilen – Keyboards & Vocals
  • Stewart Dunlop – Bass
  • Craig Rossi – Drums

Track Listing:

  1. I Hate You
  2. Stuck On You
  3. PIctures
  4. Minutes
  5. Disagree


Sardine V - Sudan/Sabotage

Sudan/Sabotage (1982)


Fast Forward Cassette Magazine No. 8

(December 1981)

Stuck On You

Listen and Download Fast Forward No.8

Inner City Sound

(Laughing Outlaw Records, 2005)

  • Stuck on You

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Ian Rilen with Mick Holmes

Songs of Xile cover imageCassette Single

Songs of Xile (1987)

Track Listing:

  1. Bad for Good
  2. 80 M.P.H. Blues

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Hell to Pay


Steal It (1992)

Track Listing:

  1. Two Days Off, Five Days On
  2. Steel It
  3. Booze To Blame
  4. Addicted To You
  5. Change
  6. Don’t You Go Away
  7. Easy
  8. Everybody Everything
  9. 80 Mph Blues
  10. Light Me Up
  11. Radio On
  12. 401
  13. Telling Lies
  14. Where Our Love Ends


2 Days Off, 5 Days On (1992)


  • “Saints and Kings” / “Would You Believe It”, “Starting All Over” (1991)

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Ian Rilen & the Love Addicts


Ian Rilen & the Love Addicts - Passion, Boots & BruisesPassion, Boots and Bruises (2004)

  • Ian Rilen – Guitar & Vocals
  • Kim Volkman – Guitar
  • Tony Biggs – Drum
  • Sean Docherty – Bass

Track Listing:

  1. Booze to Blame
  2. I Dare Ya
  3. Never Fall in Love
  4. Mobile Phone
  5. Cold Wind Blowin
  6. Inside Out
  7. Stringin Me Along
  8. Happy
  9. Goldmine
  10. Grey Street
  11. Who Ya Foolin Now
  12. Passion Boots & Bruises


Booze to Blame (2005)

Track Listing:

  1. Booze to Blame
  2. Inside Out [Single Edit]
  3. Rock N’ Roll Man
  4. Bad Boy for Love

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Ian Rilen (Solo)


Ian Rilen - Love Is MurderLove Is Murder (2001)

Track Listing:

  1. Missin You
  2. Nick of Time
  3. 401
  4. Booze to Blame
  5. Letter
  6. Tellin’ Lies
  7. Bad for Good
  8. No Fixin’ It
  9. Rock ‘n’ Roll Man
  10. It’s OK
  11. Burn
  12. Deep Sea Floods

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Please leave any additions or corrections to the discography here.

  1. Jarrad says:

    Rose Tattoo was released in 1978.

  2. Tim says:

    Any idea when the album will be released?

  3. Mat R says:

    There was an EP (suspect Cassingle or 8-track cartridge only) around 83-84 that was Ian Rilen & Mick Holmes. Version of Bad For Good on it. Wish I knew more, just know it existed cause I used to have a poster for it.

  4. Mat R says:

    It was actually called Songs Of Xile and was released in 1987.

  5. slaughter says:

    Thanks for the excellent discography… it filled in a few gaps for me – a cassette single with Mick Holmes was a huge surprise! i would love to get my hands on one of those! There was one small oversight in the Sardine v discography: Fast Forward Cassette Magazine 008 included a live version of Stuck on You which was recorded with the original (and best) line up of the band.

  6. slaughter says:

    A few additions to the X discography:
    Single: I Don’t Wanna Go Out b/w Waiting, 1979 (like X-Aspirations its a custom pressing, no PC, the songs are the same versions as the LP)

    Flexi Disc: El Salvador (one sided Phantom Records flexi – a freebie that was given away as part of the ‘At Home With You’ special collector’s edition available only at Phantom Record Shop – it also included unique printed paper bag packaging, an X tee shirt, and maybe a poster(?)or badge(?)The song was later included in the CD reissue of the LP as you noted above.

    CD Extended Play: I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, released by Laughing Outlaw Records, 2003. Track Listing: 1) Ooh Baby 2) Where Did I Go Wrong? 3) I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll 4) Hey You 5) One More Chance. (The versions of Ooh Baby and Hey You are absolute classics and essential listening. The band line up was the same as seen on the Evil Rumours live LP, but these are not live recordings)

    The title for Hell to Pay’s 1992 EP is actually “Two Days Off…”
    The track listing is 1) Two Days Off, Five Days On 2) Just Because 3) Don’t You Go Away 4) Addicted to You 5) Out of You. (Tracks 3, 4 and 5 were recorded live at The Phoenician Club, Dec 1991. Don’t You Go Away is actually a reworking of The Cowboy Song – originally by Sardine v, but never recorded….sigh)

    The initial release of Ian Rilen’s ‘Love is Murder’ LP included a limited bonus disc. Tracks included: 1) Bad Boy for Love 2) 80 mph Blues 3) Inside Out 4) The Worst

  7. megan says:

    Thanks so much Slaughter, you are a mine of information!

  8. Chris says:

    Hey, just discovered Ian Rilen through PBS, great sound. How can I get some of his music, CD’s downloads etc
    Can’t find anything anywhere

  9. Mitch rowe says:

    Mate ian also played on mossys third album petrolhead couldnt say which songs though and i cant even find my copy of that anymore true shame cos everything old private rilen did was tough

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