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Ian Rilen and the Love Addicts “Family from Cuba” CD Released 12th October 2012

FORGET what you think about posthumous albums. Ian Rilen and the Love Addicts’ Family From Cuba is bursting with life.

Recorded in July 2006 just months before his passing, it’s an album that demonstrates how powerful and inspired Ian Rilen was right until the end.

Long-time friend and manager Sebastian Chase has re-activated his Phantom Records label to usher the album into the world. Read more…

Ian Rilen passed away peacefully at home on 30th October 2006, aged 59, after battling cancer since early 2006.

This new website is being redeveloped as a tribute to Ian’s life and music. As much material as possible from the original site has been retrieved from the web archives, but unfortunately not all content could be retrieved, and most of the photos in particular are missing. An archive of the old site can be viewed here.

If you have material you would like to contribute to the site please contact the site administrator, or you can upload photos yourself on the Photos page.