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This is a list of bands that I have found references to Ian being involved in. Please leave any additions or corrections in the comments at the bottom of the page.



With Adrian Falk, Bob Gebbert, David Kain, Robert Taylor, Terry Wilson


Have not been able to find any information on this band

Band of Light


With Tony Buettel, Phillip Key, Norman Roue, Ray Vanderby



Blue Aliens


With Roy Johnson, Norm Roue

Rose Tattoo


Evil Rumors

This was the original working name of the band that went on to become X.

With Steve Lucas, Ian Krahe, Geoff Holmes, Eddie Fisher


Went through many different incarnations.

1977-1980 – Ian Rilen, Steve Lucas, Ian Krahe, Steve Cafiero

1983-1984 – Ian Rilen, Steve Lucas, Steve Cafiero

November 1984-1990 – Ian Rilen, Steve Lucas, Cathy Green

1993 – Ian Rilen, Steve Lucas, Stefan Berg

Continued to play on an irregular basis with Cathy Green on drums

1997 twentieth anniversary shows – Ian Rilen, Steve Lucas, Geoff Holmes and Eddie Fisher

Later lineup included Ian Rilen, Steve Lucas, Geoff Holmes &  Cath Synnerdahl



Also went through several different lineups.

1980-1981 – Ian Rilen (guitar), Stephanie Rilen (keyboards), Phil Hall (bass), Greg Skehill (drums)

1982  – Ian Rilen (guitar), Stephanie Rilen (keyboards), Johanna Piggot (bass), Barton Price (drums)

April 1982 – Price replaced by John Lloyd

June 1982 – Piggott replaced by Craig Rossi

November 1982 – Lloyd left – Rossi switched to drums. Stuart Dunlop on bass.

Illustrated Men


With Mick Cocks, Georgie Leach, Dallas Royal, Peter Wells

The Big Rider


With Cathy Green, Mark Halstead, Graham Lee, Mia Stone, Stratos

Hell to Pay


With Cathy Green, Spencer P Jones & Tony Biggs



With Mick Cocks and Paul Demarco

Ian Rilen & the Love Addicts

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Please leave any additions or corrections to the informations about bands that Ian was involved in here.

  1. Mat says:

    Hell To Pay split up in December 1992.

    Plus, shouldn’t some reference be made to Cath Synnerdahl being in X from 2002-2003. Also, the amazing 20th anniversary shows in 1997 were Ian, Steve, Geoff and Eddie Fisher. And the 1983 X line up split in late 1990 not 1989.

    • megan says:

      Thanks for that, Mat. I’m having a bit of a break from this site at the moment due to other commitments, but I’ll incorporate your information when I get time to get back onto it soon.

  2. Mat says:

    Also, was the short-lived band Screw with Mick Cocks and Paul Demarco that existed around 1996.

  3. Ray Vanderby says:

    Hi, I played keyboards with Phil Keys Band of Light at a number of gigs including a residency in Wollongong in 1974, cheers Ray

    Band of Light

    With Tony Buettel, Phillip Key, Norman Roue, Ray Vanderby

  4. Ray Vanderby says:

    I’m looking for a contact for Geof Holmes for a gig, can you help?
    cheers Ray

    • megan says:

      Thanks Ray, have updated the listing and included your name. I don’t have any contact info for Geoff, unfortunately.

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