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Ian Rilen: “Someone must have put the mozz on me”

Mark Mordue

Former Cold Chisel songwriter Don Walker calls him ‘a national treasure’. Hunters and Collectors made his song ‘Stuck On You’ a live anthem. Rilen even sparked a minor craze for singlets on Oz Rock front men when Mark Seymour, then Tex Perkins, imitated his on-stage look. Indeed each new generation seems to rediscover Rilen as an inspirationally authentic figure akin to a modern-day bluesman. Read the full article at The Basement Tapes.

Drum Media – Michael Smith – 11th May, 2005

First published Drum Media, 11th May, 2005

It’s all there in his gritty, streetwise, bittersweet sings, all delivered with a voice Tom Waits could comfortably put a harmony to, simple songs of love, booze, rock ‘n’ roll and the bruises each of them leave behind, all wrapped up in the kind of angry, dislocated guitar sound that makes the White Stripes and Blues Explosion so exciting. The title of the new album from Ian Rilen and The Love Addicts says it all – Passion Boots and Bruises (Phantom/MGM). (more…)

Sticky Carpet

The Age , 18th March, 2005

“I been tryin’ to change, tryin to change my life, been married 27 times but just met my future ex-wife; we’ll have it: passion, boots and bruises”
– Ian Rilen, the title track off Passion, Boots and Bruises

Ian Rilen is an Australian rock institution. The Keith Richards of Australia, or “a national treasure”, according to Cold Chisel songwriter Don Walker, the 57-year-old lives and breathes the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle – you can hear it in his gravelly voice and see it in the crevices of his face. Read the full article at The Age.

Ian Rilen: Passion, Boots and Bruises

I-94 Bar, January 15, 2004

Ian Rilen wants an orange juice. Freshly-squeezed. And the restaurant serving three of us breakfast this humid, wet Sydney Saturday afternoon can’t comply.

Their orange juice is freshly-squeezed, the waitress says. Freshly-squeezed at a factory and sent here. Not good enough and Rilen bounces outside and hits the Darlinghurst footpath, in search of Vitamin C.

It’s an image a world removed from that of the Ian Rilen the public thinks they know – the Dirty Degenerate Boy of the most visceral, intimidating Australian band of the last 30 years, the mighty X. Read the full interview at I-94 Bar

Rockbrat Remembers: Hell To Pay

The Rockbrat Blog, 20th August, 2010

Hell To Pay were a Melbourne band who existed from around 1991 to 1993. They were, to coin an often over used phrase, ‘the real deal’. Read the full article on Rockbrat